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About Me

Hi there! I'm Josh Whittington; a game design graduate, writer and software tester from down under in Sydney, Australia. I'm also a serial tweeter. I bring a conscientious work ethic and a sense of humour to everything that I do, and aim to make the most of all the opportunities and advantages that I am granted.


I often surprise people with my interests from different spheres; teachers at school were always baffled that I was studying math and science-heavy subjects like software design while also joining extracurricular groups like drama troupes and bands. That's probably a big reason why I fell into game design - because it combines technical elements with more creative ones.

I graduated from Macquarie University with a Bachelor of Information Technology - Game Design and Development, which was a computer science and game design focused degree that also let me take on elective in subjects like arts journalism and social media. In 2021 I attained a Certificate IV in Marketing and Communications from TAFE NSW. Currently I work as a software tester; first as part of a consultancy, which took me to all sorts of companies working on a variety of projects, and now as an Automation Engineer at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. In my spare time I explore other avenues in my interests like writing game reviews and blogs, and working on my own game plans.

Fun Facts

My favourite game is Ghost Trick and my favourite film is Raiders of the Lost Ark

I once hosted a school event in-character as Mario

I used to run an Ace Attorney role-playing page with a friend

My claim to fame in high school was getting a role as a dog in a school musical and having to walk around in a mascot outfit

I’m one of six people who enjoyed PlayStation All-Stars and I won a physical, life-sized title belt from the game

I'm the leading manufacturer of "ARMS has legs" jokes

Education and Employment

Certificate IV in Marketing and Communications

2021 (TAFE NSW)

Subjects studied

  • BSBMGT407 ed 1 - Apply digital solutions to work processes

  • BSBCRT401 ed 2 - Articulate, present and debate ideas

  • BSBCMM401 ed 3 - Make a presentation

  • BSBMKG417 ed 1 - Apply marketing communication across a convergent industry

  • BSBMKG418 ed 1 - Develop and apply knowledge of marketing communication industry

  • BSBMKG401 ed 2 - Profile the market

  • BSBMKG414 ed 1 - Undertake marketing activities

  • BSBPRO401 ed 1 - Develop product knowledge

  • BSBCUS401 ed 2 - Coordinate implementation of customer service strategies

  • BSBLDR402 ed 1 - Lead effective workplace relationships

  • BSBWRT401 ed 2 - Write complex documents

  • BSBMKG408 ed 1 - Conduct market research

Software Testing Consultancy

January 2015 - Present


  • Engineer (2018 – Present)

  • Test Analyst (2016 – 2018)

  • Software Tester (2015 – 2016)

Main Responsibilities:

  • Creating and following test cases and session sheets based off of software requirements

  • Working with team members to clear up ambiguities in requirement documentation

  • Using problem solving skills to determine likely flaws within apps and to identify possible causes of defects

  • Performing testing of apps and websites on devices such as iPhones, Windows PCs and PlayStation 4 consoles

  • Reporting defects via systems like JIRA

  • Assessing the usability of user interfaces based on accessibility guidelines and personal experience

  • Participating in meetings held in-person and over conference calls with clients to report progress and clarify issues

  • Having interviews with potential clients

  • Giving presentations to potential employees to inform them of what the job involves

Bachelor of Information Technology - Game Design and Development

2015 (Macquarie University)

Subject areas studied:

  • Game design

  • Critical game theory

  • Programming

  • Game development

  • Arts journalism

  • Media theories

  • Social media

  • Brain behaviour & evolution


2011 (William Clarke College)

Subjects Studied:

  • English (Advanced)

  • Mathematics

  • Drama

  • Software Design and Development

  • Information Processes and Technology

  • Physics

Participated in extra-curricular activities, such as:

  • Theatre Groups

  • Concert and Jazz Bands

  • Mock Trial Team

  • Debating Team

  • Programming Challenges

Leadership Positions held:

  • Year 8 Monitor

  • Peer Support Leader

  • Events Prefect

IT Work Experience (Janssen-Cilag)


Main responsibilities:

  • Moved between various teams and assisted them with their IT-related tasks

  • Resolved problems for users through the support helpdesk

  • Analysed webpage performance and suggested solutions to performance issues

  • Met with staff members to determine requirements for software being developed for them

  • Developed an online quiz module for the company intranet based on the determined requirements

  • Assisted with data entry and database management using SQL

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