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I've been working for a software testing consultancy for over 4 years now, and have developed a strong skill set and knowledge across several domains. I'm able to easily insert myself into existing teams, aiding their development process while working independently on my own assigned tasks.

My area of expertise is manual functional testing, but I have also done some usability and accessibility testing as parts of some projects. I have tested mobile apps and games, websites, and gaming console applications.

Some of my biggest projects have been:

  • The Australian Broadcasting Corporation - The ABC were moving all their websites and apps from some outdated analytics packages to Google Analytics. I was solely responsible for the testing of these new analytics systems across the organisation and documenting the process. I had to verify the correct data was appearing in the data layer or Firebase logs, and then use the Charles proxy to verify that the Google Tag Manager configuration was sending this data to Google Analytics in the expected manner. I also had to ensure that events and tracking were consistent across every product and the implementation documentation (e.g. video progress events were fired under the same conditions everywhere). It was a huge undertaking but I worked well with all the involved teams and was able to interface well between technical and non-technical staff. Towards the end of my contract I was also in charge of handing over my skills and knowledge to the in-house testers at the ABC, and did so with thorough documentation and training sessions.

  • StreamCo/Stan - Stan is an Australian video streaming service that initially launched in 2015 and has since been expanding its range of content and apps. I was brought on to help their internal test team with testing their upcoming Smart TV and PlayStation apps. This was a high value project for the company as they had made many deals with Sony in order to promote their apps and service. I worked off existing test cases and also performed exploratory testing. I managed to find a number of critical bugs that were able to be fixed or mitigated in time for release, making the launch of these apps run smoothly.

  • Domain Group - The Domain Real Estate app is one of the biggest apps of its kind in Australia. Domain were completely overhauling their app and needed assistance verifying that their new interface and features worked, and also ensuring that users migrating from the old app to the new one retained all their data and preferences. I worked from existing test cases that I improved and added to over time. During my time at Domain I was integral to the success of several notable features that they introduced into the app, like the automatic inspection check-in feature which was a key contributor to the app being a gold winner at the 2016 App Design Awards.

You can view my qualifications and a sample of my clients below. For more information on my software testing career and the projects I have worked on, take a look at my LinkedIn profile.


  • Planit Software Testing Bootcamp

  • ISTQB Foundation Certificate

  • ISQI Certified Agile Essentials

Past Clients

Companies I've Tested For


  • sgfleet Supernova (Jul 2015)

  • My Pharmacy Rules (Mar 2015)

  • Drop Into Macca's (Feb 2015)

Australian Broadcasting Corporation

  • Google Analytics Rollout (Jan 2018 - Nov 2018)

Australian Prudential Regulation Authority

  • APRA and Financial Claims Scheme Websites (Nov 2018)

Australian Super

  • Retirement Lifestyle Calculator (Nov 2018 - Feb 2019)


  • REFFIND (Apr 2015)

Domain Group

  • Domain Real Estate and Property Apps (Dec 2015 - Oct 2017)


  • UCM to AEM Migration Project (Jun 2015 - Jul 2015)

  • Foxtel GO (Mar 2015)

  • Foxtel Now Maintenance and Android TV Release (Feb 2019 - Apr 2019)

Greater Wellington Regional Council

  • Metlink Mobile Website (May 2015)

MGM Wireless

  • MGM PinPoint (Apr 2015)

momondo Group

  • momondo Mobile App (Apr 2015)

Network TEN

  • TENPlay Phase 7 (May 2015)

  • TENPlay Phase 6 (Apr 2015)


  • Audience Measurement Diversification Project (May 2015)


  • Viognier Release (Nov 2017 - Dec 2017)

Royal Australasian College of Surgeons

  • Royal Australasian College of Surgeons Mobile App (Feb 2015)


  • Stan PlayStation and SmartTV Apps (Aug 2015 - Nov 2015)

Sydney Airport

  • Advam Release 3 (Mar 2015)

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