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Game Design

Game Design

Ever since I was a kid I would always draft up my big ideas for games. Even if they'll never come to fruition it's fun to just write down things that come to mind and try to visualise how they'd play out. I come up with a mix of original ideas and tie-ins/adaptations of franchises that I love.

I always knew that I wanted to become a game designer and after I was done with the HSC l I studied for a Bachelor of Information Technology - Game Design and Development at Macquarie University. I graduated in 2015 with a GPA of 3.25 (on a 4-point scale) thanks to my hard work.

My degree had a mix of technical and non-technical subjects, giving me experience in things like programming with Java and C++, game design and theory, 3D modelling and screenwriting. Our game design work was done in Kodu for first year subjects before moving into Unity from the second year onwards. It had room for elective subjects and what Macquarie calls 'People and Planet units' that aim to get you learning things outside of your discipline, and thanks to this I also took some units in arts journalism, media theories, social media communities, brain behaviour and evolution, and Japanese culture. This had provided me with a well-rounded skill-set and knowledge of several domains outside of videogames.

Major Projects


Quokka Blokka

Uni Capstone Project

The final stage in my uni degree was to work in a team to create a complete game. The game we came up with was a unique Tetris/endless runner hybrid called Quokka Blokka, which was made in Unity.


GTA Online

Custom Content

When the creation tools for Grand Theft Auto Online were released I got hooked. I was making new custom 'jobs' left and right in all the new game modes that Rockstar were adding. I didn't have anyone to play them with so testing and publicising them was hard but I had so much fun filling the beautiful open world with new challenges and activities.


Skyrim Dungeon Pack

WIP Mod for Skyrim Special Edition

This is a collection of dungeons that I’m making for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition in the Creation Kit, and will be available for download when I’m done. Each dungeon will have its own unique setting and story. An early prototype for one dungeon, a haunted mansion known as Balyn Manor, can be downloaded and played now.

Smaller Projects

Smaller things I've worked on as personal projects or uni assignments. Click an image to view more details.

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