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Mechanic Design Project for Uni

This assignment aimed to see how well we'd gotten accustomed to Unity throughout the course, but mainly it was testing us on things like code quality, playtesting effectiveness and documentation quality. We had to make a single game mechanic, get it to a complete state, and document our development and playtesting of it.

Most people picked simple mechanics like double jumps which they could make a few days before the due date, but I always try to push myself and so wanted something more complex. I decided on attempting to recreate the 'Blink' mechanic from Dishonored. This ability makes a marker appear while the mouse button is held down, which moves with the player's view. When the button is released, the player teleports to the marker's position.

I remember being annoyed with this assignment because the requirements for the documentation were super vague, and also said we should submit minimal documentation while also fully documenting our entire playtesting process and providing enough information on our mechanic for another developer to be able to implement it. While I believe I met the brief my mark wasn't as high as I would have liked, and I feel it was more down to the weird requests than failings on the part of my assignment.

Click the buttons below to download my documentation and the Unity project for this assignment. It was made in a much older version of Unity though so unfortunately it may not even be compatible with the latest versions.

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