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Weekly tasks for uni

One of our first year game design units at uni didn't presume programming experience and was more focused on design concepts, so our work was done in Kodu (software by Microsoft intended for use in schools). Each week in tutorials for this unit we learnt new aspects of Kodu and had to implement them in a small game of our own design, made within the lesson.

I got ahead of the curve in learning how the program worked, so I spent this time experimenting and flexing my creative muscles. I made a lot of cool games that would have been great examples of what I could throw together in a short amount of time, but unfortunately I could only find the source for this one which is admittedly quite terrible.


I wanted to try and 'demake' a big AAA game into Kodu, and chose Assassin's Creed. I placed a lot of buildings around a map which you could leap on top of, as well as guards protecting hidden treasures. To 'assassinate' enemies you just bump into them, to simulate leaping with the hidden blade, but enemies who spot you will shoot you.

The controls are really fiddly and it's way too easy to die, but considering there was less than an hour in between conceiving the idea and having it completed and playable I think it still shows some merit of my ability to think and act quickly.

Click the button below to download the Kodu file for the game. It requires Kodu to play and the program has been updated many times in the years since so I'm not sure if it's still compatible or not.

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