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Lokir's Tomb

A practice dungeon I made in the Skyrim Creation Kit

This is a little dungeon I put together to learn my way around the Creation Kit for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition. It was made following a tutorial and I was experimenting with the Creation Kit rather than trying to make an actual level, so it’s more of an example of my ability to craft and script in an editor than my level design skills. That being said, you can see some examples of me trying cool things in here, like using a mix of static objects and disabled physics to create a skeleton pinned to a wall, and stacking objects together to create a gross vignette of a bloody skull roasting above a campfire.

You can download the mod to use in Skyrim Special Edition for PC below. The dungeon can be accessed from an area near Riverwood or by entering coc lokirstomb into the debug console. The mod contains:

  • A dungeon entrance added to the overworld

  • An interior dungeon configured with navmeshing and Radiant Quest integration

  • Levelled items and loot

  • Scripted NPC patrols and routines

  • Enemy encounters

  • Object interactions (e.g. traps triggered by tripwires, a locked door with its respective key in the dungeon)

  • A boss fight (this is meant to be triggered when the player enters the locked room but because the dungeon is small sometimes the boss room enemies detect combat in the other rooms and leave their posts)

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