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Western Town

Western Town

3D Modelling Final Project

As part of my uni degree we did one unit on 3D modelling. It was a bit of a crash course in the program Maya, which flew through concepts and required us to do a lot of learning and revision in our own time. After a few tutorials and a practise assignment where we had to model a shark, we had to model a group of 5 buildings that would fit in a Wild West scene.

I didn't do very well in the shark assignment and was worried about this one, but I actually ended up finding this one easier since the buildings were a series of simpler shapes I could connect together (and I love Wild West settings so I could probably recreate one blindfolded). I was really proud of myself with this project, earning a mark just under a Distinction. And I wasn't expecting any higher than that because to get a Distinction mark or higher you needed to record an animation in your town and we, uh... were not taught animation in this class.

The buttons below will let you download my research/pitch document for this assignment as well as a zip containing the Maya project files.

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